Kiersten Kelly


Kiersten Kelly is a Los Angeles-based actor, music artist and model. Born and raised in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kiersten spent much of her childhood performing.

Kiersten recently launched her career as an actress with her series regular role in the Jurassic universe as the voice of Brooklynn in Jurassic World: Chaos Theory. She can also be seen as the lead in ‘Emergency Contact’, a short film that she co-produced and won Best Actor for.

Kiersten was also acknowledged by the well-known social media-focused news organization, NowThis for her remake of the Mean Girls ‘Four-Way Call’ scene to normalize disabilities on screen. The remake received a positive response, gained 2.2 million views, and landed her a role in a feature film, ‘The Uniform’. 

Kiersten has always craved music, starting singing lessons at a young age which led to training in musical theatre and classical before finding her sound as an artist. Her single ‘Gone’ received radio attention in the first week of release. Kiersten’s latest single releases, ‘Little Too Much’ and ‘Bad News’, feature some of her most vulnerable lyrics yet. 

Kiersten is also a model, having worked with about-face by Halsey, Google, Fruit of the Loom, Cricket Wireless, and more. 

Outside of entertainment, Kiersten is an advocate for people with disabilities, being born without her right forearm. The medical term for her disability is congenital trans-radial absence, but she uses the term limb difference and disability in her day-to-day life. Kiersten is breaking barriers, having grown up with no one looking like her in the entertainment industry and now being able to be that person. She wants to normalize disabilities on and off screen. Going through the process of getting her first prosthesis, Kiersten experienced first hand how difficult the process is and saw the lack of support insurance companies provide. She now uses that lived experience to educate others .