With over 700,000 views from her viral YouTube video of, ‘The Cup Song’, reaching a world-wide audience, Kiersten Kelly is a name to know.

By her first breath, the whole room is in awe of her powerhouse vocals. However, if you listen close, you’ll find her lyrics are raw, seeping with emotion. With the way her charisma and sassy attitude controls any room, Kiersten is an artist to watch.

Kiersten is proof that success has many different stories. She’s gone through obstacles to get where she is today; from fighting the fear of doubt to finding ways to adapt to her physical difference. Her determination combined with her talent sets her apart from your average artist.

Kiersten loves the spotlight but is also very active behind-the-scenes. She’s part of every detail. Kiersten loves being involved in every aspect and strives to make everything the best that it can be.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Kiersten is currently living in Los Angeles.