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The Drunken Coconut features Kiersten’s single ‘Gone’

‘Kiersten brings a pure and melodic performance on her new single “Gone”… read here.

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I’m Loving Me Project features Kiersten Kelly

‘Kiersten is the epitome of strength, hard work and inspiration”… read here.


Talented teen inspires with unique gift

‘Kiersten Kelly, 17, recreated a scene from the movie, “Pitch Perfect”. In the movie, the singer uses a…’ read on here.

Findlay teen’s version of ’The Cup Song’ goes viral

‘Like most non-celebrities, Kiersten Kelly never expected her video to go viral. By mid-week, at least 38,000 people had watched Kelly’s version of “The Cup Song”, which she…’ read on here.


Local Girl Becoming An Overnight YouTube Sensation

‘Pittsburgh’s own Kiersten Kelly is becoming a YouTube star seemingly overnight. Kelly joined KDKA Radio’s…’ read on here.

Kiersten Kelly, 17-Year-Old Singer, Posts Unique ‘Pitch Perfect’ ‘Cups’ Cover (VIDEO)

‘When Kiersten Kelly, a 17-year-old aspiring singer from New Castle, Pennsylvania, decided to film a video for YouTube, she had no idea she would become…’ read on here.